client stories

"I highly recommend Tomas and the Everyday Athlete team.”


“I have worked with both Tomas and Alejandra at Everyday Athlete as personal trainers. They are both passionate experts and have a wonderful flair for bringing creativity and FUN into fitness...they kicked my ass and I enjoyed every moment of it and saw the results. My children attend Everyday Athlete Kids programs - the teachers are amazing, the programs are inventive - they look forward to every session!"


"Just the right atmosphere for us, and we are in great shape inside and out!"


"I couldn’t live without everyday athlete! My husband and I have been going there for personal and group training for about 6 years. The is no place like it in the city or Brooklyn. We feel so lucky to live nearby! 
Everyday Athlete is the greatest!"


"It is truly a special place run by very special and talented people!”

Millie P.

“I cannot say enough good things about Tomas! When I began training at Everyday Athlete, I had 2 herniated discs and my everyday was full of discomfort. Tomas met with me and my multiple notes/reports from all the doctors that I had seen and gave me over an hour of his time for free. It was a very informative discussion and I knew that I would be in good hands if I committed to a routine with them. Within 6-9 months time, I was feeling so...


"Alejandra has created an environment at everyday athlete that makes you feel like you can achieve your goals."

Loretta S.

"She is a fitness professional whose depth of knowledge will help you feel confident that you will not get injured and be craving the good pain that only an efficient workout gets you. At the same time, her humor, care, and humility will make you feel like you're spending an hour with an old friend. So, whether it's one on one training or small group training, Alejandra is able to customize the workout that suits you. Plus, the child care...


"I gladly give him the highest recommendation.”


“Tomas is a rare find. He has both extraordinary knowledge and an absolute commitment to the health and betterment of his clients. Spend 15 minutes with him and you will see this to be undeniably true."


"I am proud to be an Everyday Athlete."


"Since I've been training with Tomas and Alejandra, I am 15 pounds lighter and feel 15 years younger. Although I swam and played sports competitively growing up, I am in better shape now than I was at my peak in high school. As a result, I feel equipped - and excited - to take on new challenges personally and professionally as well as physically.

"Tomas and Alejandra's particular approach to fitness - and their clients - is a mixture of...


“Tomas is an extraordinary individual."


"He is highly motivated, deeply committed to his work and his clients, and very knowledgeable. I am happy to recommend him.”


"Alejandra is truly gifted at what she does."

Jennifer M.

"Alejandra has helped me train during two pregnancies. She is an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable trainer. She fully understands how the body works and how far it can be pushed as well as what the limits are. It was because of Alejandra's training that I felt physically strong enough to have natural child birth with both of my children."

March 2012


"I could not be happier with my experience and Alejandra is a true gem!"


"I have been training with Alejandra and Everyday Athlete for 4 years. I started training 2 years after my son was born and then continued throughout my pregnancy with my daughter. I can truly say I have never been stronger or more fit in my life! Alejandra is so knowledgeable about the pre-natal and post-natal experience and what it takes to get your body back. Every work out is different and more challenging than the one before. I am...


"I am blessed to have found them, not only as trainers, but as some of my closest friends."

Jo C.

"I have trained - group and private- with Tomas and Alejandra at Everyday Athlete Studio for over 6 years now: before, during and after 4 pregnancies. They have provided me with much more than physical results like losing weight or sculpting my butt - those are just the perks. The training helps me do the everyday tasks required throughout a normal day or a not so normal day: whether it's pushing a stroller, sitting at a computer, putting...


"Working with Alejandra made a huge difference in how I feel about myself post pregnancy."


"I have been doing yoga and Pilates training for a few years so I thought my body would be strong after giving birth but I wasn't prepared for having a C-section and the difficult recovery. Alejandra's deep knowledge of the body, the muscular system and how to adapt exercises post surgery really helped me. Her expertise in training post-baby really helped strengthen my body. During our initial visit, she took time to assess my body and...


"She is impossible not to admire and such fun to be with that you don’t even notice you’re getting a kick-ass workout!"


"Alejandra kindly and good-humoredly took me in hand when I first arrived at Everyday Athlete, quickly assessed my challenges (as well as my strengths), and subtly turned my life around. Before I knew it, I was walking differently, I was wearing a backpack, I was taking care of my back pain, and I was sleeping better. When I felt self-conscious about fitting into my wedding dress at 7 months pregnant, she rapidly turned my work-out around...


"Constantly creating new ways to train me that keep me interested."


"I am easily bored with routine training. Alejandra knows that about me and is constantly creating new ways to train me that keep me interested, excited and still help me meet my goals as a student."


"Training with Alejandra makes my body happy."


"And when my body is happy, I am a better mom and a better chef. Training with Alejandra is not like going to the gym or doing video exercises. When you train with her, she takes care that your body is doing the right things, all you do is sweat. And even then, she hands you a towel. I love her!"


“Tomas is a fantastic trainer who stays true to a science based, holistic health focused philosophy of fitness."


"At the same time he is an inventive thinker, creating exciting and enjoyable systems and environments where individuals can reach their peak physical potential.”

January 17, 2012


“Tomas took personal training to a new level."


"He offered me insight into fitness and how best to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle. His approach to physical fitness as not just a way of getting fit but of shaping and complementing a busy professional lifestyle offers deep rewards.”


"It has been nothing but a pleasure working with them throughout these years.”


“Tomas and Alejandra at Everyday Athlete Studio make fitness fun. I've been going to Everyday Athlete Studio for almost 6 years now, through 3 pregnancies, approx. 3,780 classes/private sessions and I have never been bored working out here.

"The work they have you do provides much more than physical results like losing weight or sculpting your butt - those are just the perks. The difference is in the way you do everyday tasks throughout...


"Tomas and the team at Everyday Athlete are truly expert trainers and wonderful people."


“Tomas changed the way I look at my health and revolutionized how I work out. He took the time to understand my unique goals, experiences and aspirations. Then, he developed a custom workout routine to meet my specific needs. Starting with a mix of personal training and massage, I got immediate positive results. Now I work out in small group classes. It's been awesome!”

January 13, 2012


"It's no wonder that he has a very loyal customer base that sees him not just as an expert trainer but as a thoughtful friend. "


“Tomas has a really personal and holistic approach to training that is centered around having fun, seeing results, and staying injury-free. Whenever I work with him I learn something new about my body and its potential. Most importantly, Tomas creates an environment that is inclusive and supportive yet challenging. I would recommend him and EverydayAthlete without reservation to anyone seeing to improve their...


"Overall, Everyday Athlete is a lot of fun and you will feel better."


"After years of running 15-25 miles a week, I developed problems with my lower back and ankles. I started working out with trainers in local gyms, but my injuries just keep reoccurring. Eventually I switched to the Everyday Athlete where they focused on my flexibility, core strength and movement patterns. I was still building muscle with weights, but I was working on muscles I wasn’t used to using. This helped alleviate the pressure that...


"Each week is different and the exercises varied, so I'm not left feeling like it's all just a routine."


"I totally enjoy Everyday Athlete's small group classes and see and feel the benefits in the other aspects of my life. Each week is different and the exercises varied, so I'm not left feeling like it's all just a routine. They are personable and the workout is personalized."


“Every time I work with Tomas Anthony I learn something new."


"He is constantly teaching me new ways to train and improve my workout. He understands body mechanics, how to achieve goals and recognizes when rest is needed. I am very fortunate to work with Tomas. Call me, I'll tell you more. 917-805-8735.”


"I have found that Tomas and Alejandra at Everyday Athlete provide exactly the kind of thoughtful and attentive supervision that my patients need..."


"As a physical therapist who works with performing artists - dancers as well as musicians - and "civilians" of all ages as well, I am always looking for safe and productive ways for my patients to move back into supervised exercise settings, so that they can progress their activity level with less risk of re-injury or flare-up. I have found that Tomas and Alejandra at Everyday Athlete provide exactly the kind of thoughtful and attentive...


"You guys are the best!"


"Joining The Everyday Athlete is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health and well-being. Tomas and Alejandra have a completely different outlook on exercise and working out and have created a program that is fun and functional. I actually look forward to working out and I have definitely seen results. This is not a gym where you are surrounded by grunting men who only care about how much weight they are pressing. This is a...


"I feel sexy!"


"When I first came to everyday athlete, I had consistent pain in my lower back. I had seen several doctors and had tried prolotherapy, physical therapy, spinal decompression, you name it! I kept thinking my herniated discs would go away.. but they didn't. I knew that I needed a new approach. My consultation with Tomas was perfect! He spent over an hour with me, listening to my story, understanding my pain, and planning a treatment...


"I always look forward to working out with them."


"The functional training I get at Everyday Athlete allows me to live the active life I love and need. I can jump up and throw a Frisbee with the kids, play a better game of tennis (without the injuries), and just feel stronger and more flexible in my day to day life. The trainers at Everyday Athlete are so supportive, inspiring and knowledgeable."




"My wife and I have gone out of our way to train with EA for years. They are the real deal!
My wife did prenatal training and got back into great shape after each kid.
I went there for 6 months or so – what I learned from Tomas and Alejandra is constantly in the back of my head: I was having frequent back spasms and sharp pain for over a year, but they are no more. They taught me simple stretches (I hate stretching) and general knowledge...


"Definitely recommend!"


"I found Tomas/Everyday Athlete in a quest to gift some personal training sessions to my boyfriend. After emailing and then speaking with Tomas, I chose EA because I was impressed by the more sophisticated understanding of biomechanics as their training philosophy is focused on functionality (useful movements); after hearing my bf’s rave reviews, I subsequently started going there with him, and we have both greatly enjoyed and benefitted from...


"I would recommend the Everyday Athlete to everyone!"


"I have been training with Alejandra for over 2 years. I am in the best shape of my life and have great friends I’ve met through the Mommy Boot Camp classes. I started training with Alejandra 6 weeks after I had my first baby. She trained me through my 2nd pregnancy and post baby as well. She is the absolute best trainer I have ever worked with and has a heart of gold. I consider her my friend, not only my trainer, and the EA studio is a...


"They have really transformed my life.


"Alejandra and Tomas are amazing people and true community builders. Everyone who works and attends EA is friendly and down-to-earth. I immediately felt comfortable despite my lack of physical conditioning when I joined. At the time I was also struggling with my post-natal recovery. 
With their encouragement and extensive knowledge, I now have the energy and strength to keep up with my kids. I also love the studio’s philosophy – getting fit...